a collage of images related to graphic medicine conference and blind exhibition

Graphic Medicine Ireland!

Pleased to share word, that I’ll be the opening keynote speaker for the Graphic Medicine Conference this July! The conference will be held July 16-18, 2024 in Athlone, Ireland – and brings together comics makers and health care professionals from around the globe! Alongside my keynote, I’ll be doing two workshops for attendees before the…

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a collage image consisting of a tactile relief of a simplified page from Unflattening, a poster for a panel on Multimodality, and the book covers to Unflattening and Neil Cohn's Who Understands Comics

Accessible Unflattening, Modes, Visual Thinking

Suddenly, I’m participating in a flurry of conversations around comics/my work in a 20 hour stretch February 21st and 22nd! An accessible version of Unflattening, with visual linguist Neil Cohn in the UK, and back at Teachers College – on alternative scholarship… UPDATE: Recording of this is now available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9y_bjUNs1Q&feature=youtu.be. Also, the audio descriptions and…

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Excerpts from the comic - text reads "Comics Beyond Sight." And "New comic on the challenges and possibilities of Accessible Comics". Images are a series of different lightbulbs in a panel where it reads - one size does not fit all. A cube showing three facets, all the same image of a batman-like character swinging down on villains, and a third except - a map key that reads "nothing about us without us"

Comic on Accessible Comics!

  Pleased to share word that I’ve just created a comic on accessible comics in collaboration with my colleague Emily Beitiks for MIT Technology Review. It’s in print, and they have an interactive version of it on their site here: https://www.technologyreview.com/2023/06/28/1074341/comics-beyond-sight/. Emily and I created an audio accessible version, and you can see the full comic and access…

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Slow Streets MiniComic

The last year or two my family has been getting around San Francisco more and more on our bikes and our car use has shrunk drastically. We’ve gotten involved in supporting efforts to make more streets closed to cars and safe for human-powered transit of all sorts, including most prominently the now permanent JFK Promenade…

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Blind Comics Symposium

A short update with news of an event I’m cohosting this week! First, a couple of recent podcast interviews. Back in June, I spoke with Mike Hanson for his show the Well Read Investor and we had a good conversation about how I came to do this work and thoughts about comics in education. That’s…

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Making Comics S2021

CMX304 Making Comics Spring 2021 What We Did (See ALL my syllabi & resources on my Comics-Education landing page here) This is a COMPLETE account of EVERYTHING we did in my Making Comics class S2021 – online on Zoom. I do a ton of collaborative activities in in-person classes. That had to be adapted somewhat…

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First steps

A short post – as I plug away (slowly but surely) on the follow up to Unflattening – with the working title Nostos – I wanted to send out a call to anyone who has always wanted me to draw their baby (or themselves as a baby) in a book! I’m looking specifically for images of learning to roll…

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I made a thing in response to the past four years and the hopeful shift represented by January 20, 2021. If you’d like to download, PDF is here. It is a successor to my 2016 election comic “WE.” I don’t get a lot of time to draw these days on my book, let alone for…

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