Chapter One is completed!! This first chapter has been a long process to say the least – but excited with how it’s all come together. This pair of pages is essentially the close of the chapter, there’s a brief coda that follows, which i may post here. I’ve actually not posted very many of the pages yet, and I’m still figuring out how much to put out here, knowing that certainly some changes will happen before the final drafts. (I welcome feedback on that – and the work, as always.)
Anyhow, this sequence owes some inspiration from my earlier comic on Maxine Greene in which i depicted her as a spinning whirlwind of a top. I’ve been using the top imagery in the talks i’ve been giving – and continue that here. This first chapter has been dark – “expansive and claustrophobic” have been my guiding terms. Looking forward to getting to the next chapters and with a little more space to breathe. – Nick