Unflattening wins the Lynd Ward Prize for best Graphic Novel of 2015!

Unflattening nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Scholarly/Academic work!

Unflattening wins the 2016 American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE Award) in Humanities! (Also Media & Cultural Studies category.) First comic to win this award!

Unflattening wins New England Book Show Best Graphic Novel!

My comic “A Life in Comics” Wins 2018 Eisner Award for Best Short Story!


Oct 23 Tell Me This Podcast Interview, on comics, Unflattening, and Belonging

Feb 23 Journal of Graphic Novels & Comics print interview “I’m Reminding Us of Where We Came From.”

Oct 22 Human Restoration Project audio interview with Nick Covington on Unflattening, Thinking in Comics, and Education

May 22 The Comics Grid interview with Kay Sohini about comics as scholarship, my use of visual metaphors, more.

May 22 Study & Scrutiny Journal interview with Jason De Hart on teaching with comics and my process

Jul 21 Parenthetical Recluse Podcast Interview

Jun 21 Well-Read Investor Podcast Interview

Jun 20 San Diego Comic-Con @Home interview about my teaching of comics with Susan Kirtley & Peter Carlson

Jun 20 Workshops Work podcast interview w/Myriam Hadnes

May 20 Comics scholar Frederik Aldama/Professor Latinx videocast series to talk about Unflattening, my process, teaching, and more

Jan 20 Claremont College Podcast Interview (also on SoundCloud)

Jun 19 Sketchnote Army Podcast interview

Jun 19 SFSU Alumni Mag Comics Program interview

Jun 19 Revista de Língua e Literatura (Brazil, academic journal) interview

May 19 Learning Landscapes Journal Vol 12 No 1 Interview (Audio) LL Interview PDF

Apr 19 China Qdaily interview

Mar 19 Wayne State University Grad School Interview

Dec 18 Article in Rolling Stone Italy (for Italian Edition)

Nov 18 Italian Edition of Unflattening reviewed in Lo Spazio BiancoStay Nerd, Italy

Oct 18 This Is Not a Pipe Podcast interview

Oct 18 Anthropologica, Vol. 60: No. 1: 353-355 Review

Jan 18 Anthropology Now, 9:147–158  “Graphic Thought” (review) PDF

Dec 17 Studies in Comics, Vol 8, No. 2 Review

Sept 17 The Queue interview Why You Should Draw Comics Even If You Can’t Draw

Aug 17 São Paulo newspaper Folha interview (google translate here)

Aug 17 São Paulo Cult Magazine interview

Feb 17 Cinema Journal Review (PDF Review)

Feb 17 Bibli literary site Review

Jan 17 SF State News Interview on new comics minor

Jan 17 Meaning of Life TV video interview

Jan 17 Visual Studies review (PDF Review)

Jan 17 Alilon (Hebrew Comics Site) review (google translate)

Jan 17 Journal of Cultural & Religious Theory interview

Oct 16 Journal of Higher Education Research & Development Review (PDF)

Oct 16 Zeszyty Komiksowe (Polish) Iss. 22: Comics – Theory “We Need Visual Literacy” (interview)

Jul 16 Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy review

Jun 16 Progress (German) “Illusions in Science (review)

May 16 LA Review of Books review (in comics)

May 16 Wink Books review (also on BoingBoing)

Apr 16 Interview w. Howard Rheingold Digital Media Learning

Apr 16 Interview w. Pedro Moura in The Comics Alternative

Mar 16 Interview w. Pablo Guerra in Colombia’s El Espectador

Mar 16 Review (of Le Déploiement) in BD theque

Feb 16 CanvaUnflattening named to 30 must-read Design Books

Feb 16 Fumettologica (Italy) Review (Google Translate)

Jan 16 National Post (Canada) Interview

Jan 16 Nature “Fragile Framework” comic listed Best Feature Stories of 2015

Jan 16 Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics Review (Full Review PDF)

Jan 16 Tech Times The Best Comics of 2015 as Chosen by Artists

Jan 16 Unflattening made another Best of 2015 listAll Star Comics Melbourne, AU

Dec 2015 ForbesUnflattening listed on Ten Best Graphic Novels of 2015

Dec 2015 Irish ExaminerUnflattening listed to Best Comics of 2015

Dec 2015 Paul Gravett, Unflattening named Top Ten Comics of 2015

Dec 2015 Print Mag, Unflattening named to 25 Best Design Books of 2015

Dec 2015 The Kenyon Review, Unflattening listed on 2015 Recommended Reading

Dec 2015 Comics for Grownups Best of 2015

Dec 2015 Graphic Novel Resources names Unflattening to Favorites of 2015

Dec 2015 ICV2 Favorite Graphic Book of 2015

Dec 2015 University of Calgary UToday Profile Interview

Nov 2015 The Independent (UK) Unflattening listed on Best 7 Graphic Novels

Nov 2015 After Image review(excerpt) (entire review PDF)

Oct 2015 New York Observer Unflattening on Top 10 Books on Innovation

Oct 2015 American Library Association Choice Reviews

Oct 2015 New Statesman (UK) Review

Oct 2015 Newsarama (comics site) Interview

Sept 2015 Interview w. Henry Jenkins Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Sept 2015 Good OK Bad Review

Aug 2015 The Comics Grid conversation review

Aug 2015 German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel review

Aug 2015 Print Magazine interview

Jul 2015 The Paris Review interview

Jul 2015 UOL (Brazil) Interview

Jul 2015 Australia’s The Lifted Brow choose-your-own-adventure review

Jul 2015 Comics for Grownups Podcast Review

Jul 2015 Unflattening on several Comics of the Year (so far) lists including Paste MagazinePanels, and The Young Folks.

Jul 2015 SciFi That Will Change Your Life

Jul 2015 The New Atlantis: A Journal of Technology & Society Review

Jul 2015 Too Busy Thinking about Comics Interview: Part 1 & Part 2

Jun 2015 Quill & Quire Review

Jun 2015 ICv2 Review: The Unflattening Moment

Jun 2015 The Comics Grid Review “One Giant Leap”

Jun 2015 Boing Boing features Unflattening!

Jun 2015 New Books Network podcast Interview

Jun 2015 Creativity in Play blogcast Interview

May 2015 New York Times Book Review

May 2015 Boston Globe Book Discovery

May 2015 The Brooklyn Rail Review “On the Shores of Word and Image”

May 2015 Calgary Herald Interview “Comic Book Learning”

May 2015 Macomb Daily, MI Article “Author-artist Nick Sousanis…”

May 2015 U of Calgary/The Gauntlet Interview “Mixes comics and academic thought”

Apr 2015 Bookshots review on LitReactor

Apr 2015 BookLab Science Podcast review

Apr 2015 Publishers Weekly More to Come Podcast Interview

Apr 2015 Teaching Culture ethnoGraphic Interview 

Mar 2015 Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Mar 2015 Inside Higher Ed Interview: Seeing in New Dimensions

Jan 2015 Publishers Weekly Top 10 Anticipated Spring 2015 Comics/Graphic Novels

Oct 2014 760 WJR Detroit radio The Relevant University Interview: The Trend of Visual Literacy

Feb 2014 The Chronicle of Higher Education “Amazing Adventures of the Comic Book Dissertator”

Dec 2013 Microsoft Research Studio 99 (YouTube video)

Oct 2013 Varoom Magazine #23 “Visual Scholarship: Flatland, After Flatland”

Jul 2013 5by5 Systematic Podcast “Creativity, Learning, and Comics”

Mar 2013 The Comics Beat “10 Debuts at MoCCAfest”

December 2012 University of Alaska Fairbanks, iTeach Podcast “How do we help students by teaching them comics?” (interview)

November 2012 University of Alaska Fairbanks, iTeach Podcast “Why can’t I have pictures in my dissertation too?” (discussion about my work)

Oct 2012 Theory&Practice (Russia*) “Scientist Nick Sousanis: ‘Comics are a natural way of expressing our thoughts.’” * English text

Jun 2012 Books and Adventures (UK) “Comics in the classroom”

Apr 2012 Microsoft’s Daily Edventures “Drawing on inspiration: Challenging the world of learning through comics”

Apr 2012 The Chronicle of Higher Education “This Dissertation Will Be Comic”

Mar 2012 HASTAC Blog/Cathy Davidson “A Dissertation about comics that is a comic” 

Mar 2012 Diamond Bookshelf  “A comics dissertation.”

Mar 2012 Teachers College Media Center “Student Profile: Sketches of an Educator”

Recorded Talks

Oct 2014 International Visual Literacy Association Keynote

Jul 2014 Talk at Microsoft Research

March 2013 Ohio State University Art Education Conference