My dissertation proposal was handed in this week and defense is around the corner. I prepared this preface for it – which gives a hint at where i’m heading with the dissertation itself, “a visual-verbal inquiry into curiosity” – that is a comics narrative as academic dissertation. In starting this with a nearly all verbal approach, i set up the final definition on page 4 – pointing to the inadequacy of this approach. The page following, when it comes, will thus launch forth in full comics fashion. (And likely i’ll reference Alice, saying, “what is the use of a book … without pictures or conversations?”) Look for excerpts from the dissertation in progress in the year ahead (and other comics as well of course!). – Nick
(Note: this piece won’t actually appear in the dissertation, although the story might and the definition does in some form or another. To see excerpts, click the dissertation label tag upper right. – N)

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