A sort of comic, prepared for a catalog for a forthcoming exhibition at Macy Gallery at Teachers College. The subject of the show is studio practices, and so i focused on how ideas are generated, or born, in my notebook. It was in part shaped by a conversation with my dad on how stars form. Furthermore, the piece talks about not knowing where I’m going, and how ideas start to generate themselves as you assemble pieces – this is very much true with this piece, as right up until i finished it, i didn’t know a lot of the various parts. It was pretty excited, and i’d like to share the details of how it came about if prompted.
Also, this is a lead in to a true comic version of this, which will be completed in the next 2 weeks. Much of the same material, but as format shapes content, we’ll see how it shapes up. Should be interesting to compare. – Nick
See here for Version Two. And here for a textual explanation with sketches.

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