A short update with a little news and some travels. First, the news: the Brazilian edition of Unflattening (Desaplanar in Portuguese) from publisher Veneta won Brazil’s HQ Mix Award for Best Theoretical Book on Comics! The HQ Mix is the principal prize in Brazilian comics industry, akin to the Eisners in the US. Grateful for my Brazilian publisher house Veneta led Rogerio de Campos (pictured receiving the award) and Leticia de Castro, and the amazing translation work of Érico Assis for making this all possible! A complete list of the HQ Mix recipients can be found here (and all the nominees here).

And this week I’m off to Alicante, Spain as a guest of UNICÓMIC XX: International Congress of Academic Studies on Comics held at the University of Alicante. On Friday, September 26, I’ll be giving a workshop on to educators “Comics as a Way of Thinking,” and Saturday, I’ll be delivering a keynote on “Unflattening: Thinking in Comics.” Looks to be a terrific gathering (with notable guests like David Lloyd) and I’m excited to meet Spanish comics scholars, educators, and fans! The complete program is here (in Spanish and English) and an article about the event in the Alicante Plaza is here.

Friday 16:00-17:00 Sesión VII: mesas paralelas de comunicaciones. Aulario II. Taller de Nick Sousanis:“Comics as a Way of Thinking” (en inglés).Presenta: Álvaro Pons. Salón de Actos del Aulario II.
Saturday 12:30-13:30 Conferencia de clausura: Nick Sousanis,“Unflattening Thinking in Comics” (en inglés). Presenta: Álvaro Pons. Sala Rafael Altamira de la Sede Ciudad de Alicante.
My last post featured a new twist on the Grids & Gestures challenge – see the post here or see what people did on twitter at the hashtag #gridsgestures, and I also shared a ton of resources from my comics classes, including my last year’s worth of drawn syllabi. All available here. I’m drawing away on the new book – stay tuned for more updates… – Nick