After a great trip to Ohio State for a conference with arts educators and a chance to share my work, snuck back to NYC just before the storm hit. Fortunate to have dodged most of the effects of the storm, and have been plugging away on new pages. At the conference there was a lot of discussion of Deleuze & Guattari’s notion of the Rhizome as well as a bit of talk of Bakhtin’s ideas. As it turns out, i was in the midst of a page linking both such things! This page wraps up my interdisciplinary studies specific question as seen in the last post. More soon. – Nick

p.s. a few quick notes – theoretically this draws on notions of interdisciplinarity, diversity in teams, and the theorists cited – but visually, for the many eyes I was thinking back to the cover of Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wind in the Door” and the “drive of dragons”/cherubim Proginoskes pictured there.  I was looking for a de-centered kaleidoscope view, and a reworking of the third page of the different views in my piece “Mind the Gaps.” Earlier versions of the page were much more top to bottom, until i swerved at the last minute and played with a new design that incorporated the kaleidoscope across the page, and that fell neatly into place with the nodes of “seekers” rhizomatically linked around the globe. I’ve been saying how much the play of image and text in space has been pushing the shape of my pages – and that was certainly the case here. – N


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