Ok, off today for the third conference of the month – another chance to talk comics! In the midst of this, I’ve been getting pages done, albeit a bit more slowly than I’d like. Sharing an entire sequence here, that’s the middle of Chapter Two, and focus specifically on the concept of interdisciplinarity – which is in part a look at my methodology. (I just attended the Association for Integrative/Interdisciplinary Studies’ conference as mentioned here.) These pages somewhat reweave the pages I did last year for the Interdisciplinary studies journal, here and here, as well as the chapter I did for my advisor Ruth Vinz’s book on Narrative Inquiry.

You’ll note, as has been my process since the first chapter, I don’t use the words for the things I’m talking about. A choice I made to bring people into the conversation – finding their own access point – rather than keeping them out by the specificity of language that can be exclusionary. So the terms interdisciplinary and disciplines don’t appear. I’m continuing to work with the metaphor of seeing and here the instruments that help us expand our vision. This work draws on work on interdisciplinarity from Julie Klein, Allen Repko, Bill Newell, James Welch IV, and Simeon Dreyfuss (cited) – oh yeah, and this L. Frank Baum character, who wrote some book called The Wonderful Wizard of Oz… More pages when I get back from Ohio! – Nick

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