I’m in the midst of drawing Chapter Four – in which I deal specifically with perception and discussions around drawing as a form of discovery. If Chapter Three dealt with the distinction between text and image, and comics as a means of uniting modes, this puts it all into practice. For various reasons, I may be sharing less pages going forward as I race to the finish line, but wanted to share a single, rather minimal page that sets up the chapter here.
Related, somewhat, Remi Holden doctoral student at UW-Madison recently gave a keynote talk at the Institute for Innovation in Education at the University of Michigan. (Remi and I are connected through Fred Goodman, who’s been a mentor and influential in my work around games – including the rabbit page.) Remi had asked to use a page from the dissertation, and it turns out he made this page from the Flatland Interlude about “a rupture of experience” the central metaphor of his talk. The themes of that page are echoed in the “breach” that this current page talks about. Besides dissecting my page (roughly from minutes 6 to 10), Remi gives a powerful and inspiring talk around possibilities for education, and I highly recommend checking it out. I learned a lot and it gave me a good deal of insight into and ideas for my own work. (If you really want to hear me talk about the work, the Microsoft talk was recorded and transcribed.)
Thanks for listening and following along. Look for new updates as I can. Have a great August! – Nick

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