While I’m plugging away on Chapter Four (you can see the finale to Chapter Three here, and the opening excerpt from the current chapter here), current discussions around war got me thinking about the page from “Possibilities,” my 2006 comic on games that takes up the subject. It’s not an attempt to offer answers, but perhaps a pause for reflection.

I’ve only shared a few pages previously from this comic including the “Rabbit” page (and its key) here. It was originally created as the essay for the exhibition Game Show Detroit and rereleased for the follow up exhibition (and conference) Game Show NYC. Here, I’ve included two pages, the first on “rules” applied more broadly to culture and the second on war as a loss of possibilities.

I thought I’d partner these pages with a previously shared excerpt from Chapter Two of the dissertation, taking up the importance of multiple perspectives and Lakoff and Johnson’s reframing of argument as dance rather than argument as war. Perhaps today, gulfs of mutual incomprehension will be bridged and new possibilities for going forward reached. – Nick