Chapter Four is finished!! After Chapter Three dealt heavily with the distinction between visual and verbal modes, and some theorizing on the capacities of the comics form, this chapter dealt with perception, how drawing works, the creative process in general (and mine more particularly), and sought to expand the notion of what thinking is. I’ve only shared little excerpts from it here and here, and going forward in my sprint to the finish – that’ll likely continue to be the case. You can get a little overview of the whole project in the poster I made for the Oxford Illustration conference (also shared again below).
The first excerpt here, takes on some of the specifics of my conception of my creative process. This was somewhat discussed earlier in regards to the genesis of the Spin/Weave/Cut logo, and I delve a bit deeper into it colliding ideas about DJ process, weaving, and DNA. I was stuck (for a couple weeks) finishing a page about how the creative process takes on a life of its own, until reflecting on the ultrasound I’d seen of our expectant arrival, I made a sketch from that that just made all the other pieces come together. And demonstrated what I was trying to force all that time. Thus, at T- 5 months, my unborn daughter has already made an appearance in the dissertation – and made an essential contribution to the work! And hence, the race to finish by February! (The next chapter delves into the imagination – excited to play in this material.) Onward! – Nick

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