My full-on return to comics was for an art show in Detroit around the 2004 US Presidential Election. I’ve made a habit of doing a piece around each election since. For various reasons, this year has been a little tougher than the others – but this is what I’ve come up with. A piece about “We.” About remembering to listen to one another – even in the face of disagreement, and the having of difficult conversations (which I subtitled one of my courses this term). You can check out the past political comics here and I appreciate your having a look and sharing as you do. Be kind to one another. – Nick

(little update – after publishing this, I was sent responses to it made by students that I shared on this post)

(In addition to being drawn on paper, this originally featured a rare look at my hand lettering. I swiftly removed all of that but the lower case before hitting publish… (I may remove the lower case as well shortly.)) – N