A long time no posts – sharing here a couple new interviews, a sneak peek at the sequel to Unflattening, and news of the next iteration of our Accessible Comics project!


First up, those interviews. I spoke with Kay Sohini (whose comics dissertation I was pleased to be on the committee for her brilliant defense this May!) about comics as scholarship, my use of visual metaphors, and other things. All on the ComicsGrid here: https://www.comicsgrid.com/article/id/8773/. I also did a long form interview with professor Jason DeHart for the journal Study & Scrutiny on teaching with comics and my process, available here: https://journals.shareok.org/studyandscrutiny/article/view/1115. I was also pleased to have been included in The Ohio State University’s Comics & The Environment Show at the Billy Ireland that ran through Spring of 2022 – can learn more about that here.
Work on Nostos proceeds, if slowly. Time has been difficult to find in the past couple of years, but I’m really pleased with what I’ve made so far. I post process images and sneak peeks occasionally on  Twitter (@nsousanis) under the hashtag #Nostos #Unflattening (click here for the latest). The above is a recently finished spread and the sketches that led to its creation. More to come!


Event banner: Text reads, "The Accessible Comics Collective presents: Accessible Comics Design Competition! What new possibilities will emerge?" A montage of images includes an eye, hands on braille accessing "Life" a tactile comic, a comic book with an audio bubble coming out, an interactive comic on a tablet, and other images that play with access and comics.

Last year, along with my colleagues at San Francisco State University Yue-Ting Siu of the Program for Visual Impairment and Emily Beatiks of the Longmore Institute for Disability, I organized some events around comics for blind and low vision readers (details of which can be seen here along with other resources: https://spinweaveandcut.com/blind-accessible-comics/) and response to that led us to set in motion our next phase, a Design Competition seeking teams to produce comics in accessible formats as a way to spur innovation, and demonstrate to the comics industry possibilities for making comics accessible. The Call for Proposals and further details are here: https://bit.ly/comicsa11y-cfp-2022. Have a look at the resources and the call and please share to help push the comics industry forward!