There’s been a lot of talk about what I’m up to of late, but not a lot of pictures. I have been drawing a lot – road mapped the whole dissertation, laid out about a third of it, and have now drawn several pages to completion. I’ll be sharing selectively as I go. Wanted to post a panel – sans the text boxes overlaying it and the rest of the page – with a promise of more to come. – Nick

One more thing: a passage from Susanne K. Langer, relevant to how I’m thinking about my use of image alongside text. She claims that due to its linear form, language falls short in conveying feelings and emotions, and thus discursive forms are seen as intelligent, while everything else is relegated to the realm of the irrational. For Langer (2009, 1962), images have an important function, for it is not that “feeling and emotion are irrational; on the contrary, they seem irrational because language does not help make them conceivable, and most people cannot conceive anything without the logical scaffolding of words” (p. 83).