This week, i’m revealing two pages from Chapter One of the dissertation. They’re a couplet (as many have been throughout Ch1 and the Interlude) and will be on display starting this week as part of the exhibition “Quantified Self” at Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, MI. The show features local and national artists, and apparently famed information designer Edward Tufte… Wish i could check it out!
Thanks to Rocco, Gloria, and the curators for the invitation to participate. Please find gallery info below – and also, I’ve shared a few of the early sketches that led to these pages – and ways that they almost became a single page. Hope you enjoy a little bit of the behind the scenes play… – Nick


Gallery Project presents Quantified Self, a multimedia exhibit in which 34 local, regional, and national artists examine how individuals collect and often project information about themselves and others in the digital world. Artists examine the quantified self from two unique perspectives: one, how information about individuals is collected, stored, processed, and used by these individuals and communicated to others; and two how entities collect information about individuals and groups for commercial and other purposes. 

Artists in the exhibit include Peter Adamczyk, Brett Ian Balogh, Emily Blyth-Jones, Seder Burns, James Davenport, Sage Dawson, Rocco DePietro, Nicholas Fenton, Jason Ferguson, Laurie Frick, Roland Graf, Richelle Gribble, Deborah Gumucio, Megan Hildebrandt, Sinimaria Ikonen, Kyle Kramer, Susan Krueger, Beili Liu and Rino Pizzi, Louise Ma, Collin McRae, Michael Nagara, Mark Neuman, Shelby Olsen, Erica Podwoiski, Gloria Pritschet, Colin Raymond, Mark Royal Schroll, Bethany Shorb, Nick Sousanis, Cedric Tai, Edward Tufte, Ben Utigard, and Mark Wentzl. Gallery Project collaborators Colin Raymond and Kyle Kramer are curating this exhibit. 

215 South Fourth Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

New Hours: Thursday-Saturday, noon-9; Sunday, noon-6; closed on Monday Thru Wednesday



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