The end of August saw me take a whirlwind trip to São Paulo for the release of Unflattening in Portuguese (as Desaplanar from the wonderful Veneta Press). I spoke with comics scholars, enthusiasts, makers, and educators, courtesy of the organizers of Brazil’s 4th Annual International Comics Conference and the folks at Veneta. Grateful for all the support and enthusiastic responses to the work. For Portuguese readers, I was interviewed in the São Paulo newspaper Folha here (google translate here), and for Cult Magazine here.

In other news, I did an interview with a new publication called The Queue. Really smart set of questions from Shea Fitzpatrick where she dispensed at the outset the typical questions I’ve gotten, and got deeper into things about my process and my teaching. Really enjoyed the conversation – it’s online as “Why You Should Draw Comics Even If You Can’t Draw.
This week, I’m headed to Philadelphia for a series of talks between Temple and Penn. Thursday September 14, I’ll be at Temple for an undergraduate workshop followed by a lecture for graduate students, and then Friday morning, I’ll work with faculty at Temple as well. Friday afternoon Ellen Winner of Boston College and I are kicking off the conference Making and Materiality: Studio Arts in a Liberal Arts Education put on by Visual Studies at Penn. Conference announcement is here, with more specific details about all the participants and the talks on Saturday here.
Full days here with semester up and running as well. Hoping to share syllabi and things from my comics classes in a long update, hopefully coming soon! – N