A while back, award-winning science comics writer and great guy Jim Ottaviani invited me to collaborate with him on a story he was writing for the anthology District Comics – an unconventional history of Washington, D.C. edited by Matt Dembicki, who had previously put together the award-winning Trickster anthology. The chance to work with Jim and a good project was too much to pass up – despite dissertation anxiety – and so this got drawn up last fall. I gave myself a little tighter timeline than I should’ve, and felt like i was just learning what i wanted to do as i had to submit final work – but so it goes. A good experience out of my typical way of working, and I look forward to another chance to work with Jim – post dissertation!

Anyhow, District Comics was released today – and features a strong and diverse cast of storytellers, giving an educational and entertaining look at the history of our nation’s capital. (My copy just arrived, so i’m looking forward to spending time with all the other contributors.

Check out District Comics on the web here (and on Amazon here), and their Facebook page for here signing dates for those in the greater DC area.

For more science history comics by Jim Ottaviani and his collaborators – see his site here. Can’t recommend them highly enough – for educators, science enthusiasts, and well, anyone!!

A few excerpt images below… – Nick