Since the minor twitter outbreak stemming from Maureen Bakis’s original article fueled by Cathy Davidson’s subsequent post, (a huge thank you to both!) numerous folks have posted links to the interviews or other excerpts from my work. Very cool – grateful to all for the support. Occasionally though some of the reposts have been misconstrued as being my work itself – particularly excerpts from my HASTAC talk – which is most definitely NOT a comic, nor intended to be one. So for folks new to the site and what i’m up to, I thought i’d post a few links to existing pieces that offer a more accurate sense of what I’m up to, and what the dissertation might look like. (Of course, one is encouraged to scroll through the site for a more in depth look as well!) On to drawing – and more new work to share soon. Thanks – Nick

Maxine Says – on legendary educational philosopher Maxine Greene
Mind the Gaps – on narrative research in the book On Narrative Inquiry by Vinz & Schaafsma
Learning Pathways – this piece created for Robbie McClintock’s course – most likely will serve in some ways as bookends for the dissertation, thematically at least.
The Importance of Seeing Double – on the nature of interdisciplinary studies
Five Senses of Engagement – collaboration with Syracuse prof Timothy K. Eatman
Sketching – a brief look at the process of drawing


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