Pleased to share word that I’ve just created a comic on accessible comics in collaboration with my colleague Emily Beitiks for MIT Technology Review. It’s in print, and they have an interactive version of it on their site here: Emily and I created an audio accessible version, and you can see the full comic and access the audio version, along with annotations, and a bunch of other ins and outs about the piece here: This is an extension of all the work we’ve been doing around making comics accessible for blind readers the past few years. If you want to catch up on what we’ve done or check out resources we’ve compiled, it’s all here.
We welcome further contributions as we continue to grow this project! In other news, I did an interview about my process, teaching, and some insights into Nostos in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics. That’s available online here. This same issue also includes an interview with the one and only Lynda Barry! Check that out here.
My work is featured in an article on comics dissertations in India Art Review – find it online here. Back in February, I did a workshop for SFUSD teachers on using comics in their classroom. I documented all the activities we did and put it together on my site here. You can also find documentation of my Storyline activity (which is mentioned in the workshop) here. Finally, I was in the exhibition Comics Is a Medium not a Genre at Boston University. It was documented here and at the gallery site here.
I’m continuing to work away on the new book. It’s slow going but I’m thrilled with what I’ve made so far. Sneak peeks on various social media under @nsousanis… Stay safe and be well all – N