Tonight (November 26) at 7pm, I’ll be talking comics at the 27th meeting of the NY Comics & Picture-stories Symposium hosted by Ben Katchor. I’ll be talking on my dissertation and comics as a means of legitimate scholarly discourse. Also, first up tonight, Mark Lerer will be talking on the history of comics fanzines. The symposium has been a great opportunity to connect with other comics makers, scholars, historians, librarians, and more in a relaxed setting. Interested in comics, telling stories in pictures? Come on out!

In the meantime, i’m drawing the final pages of Chapter 2, should be finished soon. Sharing one image from the final six-page sequence below… – Nick

(Can’t/couldn’t make it out? Some links that relate to what I’m talking on, and of course excerpts from the dissertation can be accessed by scanning my site or clicking the “dissertation” tab…
Interview in Russia’s Theory&Practice
From Visual Arts Research Journal – “The Shape of Our Thoughts“)


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