Unflattening made The Independent’s (UK) list of top graphic novels of 2015! It’s great company to be in, as the roundup includes Adrian Tomine and others, as selected by Neel Mukherjee who recently reviewed Unflattening for the New Statesman here.
I’m pleased to have created a comic for the journal Nature on climate change in conjunction with the Paris climate conference beginning next week. Science journalist Richard Monastersky and I co-authored an 8-page comic that looks at the science of climate change, the history of global negotiations, and the impact of a warming planet. Doing a comic around environmental issues was high on my list to tackle, and I feel quite fortunate to have been able to contribute to such an important conversation and glad to bring comics to this forum. You can see the whole comic in full on Nature’s website here, where it is also downloadable as a PDF. It may also be printed as a standalone piece to be distributed to delegates to the climate talks. You can read some further reflections on the process and challenges of making this from Rich and me on Nature’s blog here. Thanks to Rich and Nature’s creative director Kelly Krause for the opportunity and a great experience working on this!
Sousanis Vanderbilt Poster_Dec4
Next week, I’ll be at Vanderbilt for a couple talks Friday, December 4. At 11:30, i’ll be presenting “Unflattening: Reimagining Scholarship through Comics” at the Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities. And at 2:10, i’ll be doing a workshop on visual thinking in the classroom at the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt.


Meanwhile, in Moscow (!), The 17th International Book Fair for High-Quality Fiction and Non-Fiction is holding a huge exhibition of pages from Unflattening (plus my single page recent comic “Against the Flow”). I’m thrilled to see the work on such a stage and wishing I could’ve made the trip. In lieu of that, I will be delivering a virtual talk this weekend. In Moscow? Check it out! (You can see more on their Facebook group as well.) Thanks to Levon Grigoryan for hosting me and staging such a grand exhibition! – N