As this entire second chapter (and the dissertation in total) has been a discussion of ways of seeing, I sought to clarify that by “ways of seeing” i also mean to be inclusive of means of perception beyond the visual in a literal sense. To that end, I thought of no better example than my dog and what I learned from him. As the page developed, it went from a side note about the other ways of perception, to I think a significant summation and expansion of the chapter’s ideas about the limitations of our vision and how we might expand perception. I drew from a great piece on dog’s sense of smell in the New Yorker, and then I was profoundly struck by a piece from New Scientist which led to thinking about a dog’s sense of smell as a time capsule (both fantastic articles). Anyhow, if you’re new to following along, the final reference of “upwards not northwards” comes from my earlier Flatland sequence here. This was also a nice opportunity to revisit with memories of my dog Sledge – from the photos (a few shared below) and a journal I’d kept of one year of our adventures…. – Nick

(Since posting this, I’ve finished Ch2, which can be read in its entirety here.)