This week, I’m off to Milwaukee to give the opening keynote for the Visitors Studies Association annual conference “Where Innovation Meets Rigor.” I’ll be discussing my dissertation and comics as a means of presenting complex information and ideas with clarity and without reducing their complexity.

Recently, Brett Terpstra interviewed me for his 5by5 systematic podcast. We talk comics, education, and philosophy – and his treadmill for his standing desk!

Also, French comics scholar Nicolas Labarre wrote an article discussing comics as a form of research that offers a look at my dissertation work within that emerging field. It’s in French – for those that can read it – and there’s a handy translate button that gives a rough approximation in English.
A couple weeks back, MIT doc student Nate Matias live-blogged my Microsoft Research talk, you can see what he wrote up here. And I posted images and reflections about the MSR exhibition in this post.
Finally, I finished Chapter Three last week! See the final pages and the full Chapter here.
Excited about how Chapter Four is starting to take shape and looking forward to having more to share soon. Stay cool out there – Nick