Visual Literacy/Thinking, Sketchnoting, and related

Website for Mike Rohde – and his book on sketch noting
Andrew Park – Making Visual Confectionary – TED talk
Sunni Brown’s Doodle Manifesto – and more
Sunni Brown Doodler’s Unite – TED talk
Article on the cognitive benefits of doodling – the Atlantic
Article Eric Hobson on Drawing to get students Writing – PDF
Rachel Smith scientific case for doodling while note taking – in Quartz
Sunni Brown sketchnotes – from flickr
On the higher purpose of doodling – from CBS News
On the importance of drawing all day – from Salon
Post on Visual User-Generated visual notetaking – overview
Mike Rohde on Visual Thinking – from a list apart
Giulia Forsythe on Visual Notetaking – lots of references
Learning about visual notetaking – more from Giulia Forsythe
Teaching Sketchnoting (online) – Eve Heaton
On Graphic facilitation – from Making Ideas Visible
Sarah Firth’s Graphic Recording class – free online
On visual notetaking in the classroom – from Ed Weekly
On an array of visual resources for student work – by Derek Bruff
Slides on visual thinking – resources by Derek Bruff
Resources & visual learning guide by Derek Bruff
Article on how visual thinking improves writing – Mindshift classroom
Neil Anderson – blog on using word clouds & Visual thinking to help generate writing/ideas – writing as aesthetic work
Visual Mind Mapping for students – from ConversationEd
Lesson plan on visual narrative meets visual note taking – from
Genis Carreras’s Philographics – Visualizing philosophy
Adobe says Drawing should be like writing – from Wired
On the importance of doodling for focus & memory – from The Wall Street Journal
Sketchnotes on the shift from text to visuals by Scott Torrance
Nancy Margulies – On Visual Thinking: Symbolic Ways of Representing Ideas – Johns Hopkins School of Education
On Drawing as a curriculum essential – the Guardian
Moose Allain – How to Draw Anything – the Guardian
Interview w Lynda Barry on drawing & Future of education – on Open Culture
Ian Robson’s Visualizing Practice – education/drawing blog
Article on How Visual Thinking Improves Writing – KQED
On Blind Contour Drawing – in the NYTimes
Nick Kurian’s recommendations for 5 serious doodling exercises in classroom
Amy Burvall’s Visual Literacy in Education – G+ Community
Amy Burvall Visual Literacy Slides – slideshare
Lesson plans on Graphic Language w/Christopher Niemann’s work – in NYTimes
The Noun Project – Global Visual Language Icons – site
Article on Persuasiveness of Visual Information – Harvard Business Review
Anna Vital’s 72 Ways to Think Visually – her site
Article on education & visual-based learning – user-generated education
Jessica Abel’s Visual Scripting – exercises
Jose Berengueres on Sketch Thinking – slideshow
Brad Ovenell-Carter – visual notetaking/sketchnoting – video
Article on Teaching with Sketchnotes – Reshan Richards

Education Animations

Ken Robinson’s Changing Education Paradigms whiteboard animation – RSA Animate
Tricia Kelleher’s talk on education animated – Stephen Perse Learning Foundation
Christopher Niemann’s World Cup Curse interactive animated story – in NYTimes

Drawing, Simplified
Cynicalman – longrunning mini comic by Hamtramck legend Matt Feazell
XKCD – webcomic of math, romance, humor…
Neat visual thinking exercises/curriculum – based on Christopher Niemann’s work