Page and Thematic Analyses
In-depth Comics Visual analysis videos via Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
1001 Comics How do comics work? – videos and analysis
An analysis of Frank Miller’s composition for a page from Wolverine
An analysis of a unique Marshall Roger’s composition – for a Silver Surfer Page
An analysis of David Mazzuchelli – from Batman Year One
An analysis of an Eddie Campbell page – from From Hell
Greg Carpenter’s Literary analysis of Moore & Campbell’s From Hell – Sequart
An analysis of a Frank Quitely page – from Flex Mentallo
Overview analysis of Neal Adams’ X-Men art – from Comics Grid
On Irony in the Dark Knight Returns – visual-verbal essay at the Comics Grid
Pieta homage covers and still more – from various artists/publishers
Not analyses – but links to various Comics writers’ scripts – good diversity
Alan Moore’s “rule” for 35 words per panel – courtesy Brian Cronin Comic Book Resources
Comics reading visual analysis – from YouTube
Video essay – From panel to frame, analysis of Scott Pilgrim – by Drew Morton
Analysis of Adapting Harvey Pekar to film – from Graphixia
Analysis of John Hankiewicz’s “the Kimball House” – on The Comics Journal
Analysis of Intertextuality in Watchmen – from Sequart
Analysis of Karasik & Mazzucchelli’s adaptation of Auster’s City of Glass – on Comics Forum
Analysis of themes in Mazzucchelli’s Asterios Polyp – Forrest Helvie in Sequart
Analysis of visual linguistics in Mazzucchelli’s City of Glass/Asterios Polyp – by Henry Jenkins
A look at XMen pages over the ages – how panel/text use has changed in last 40 some years, v. cool
Analysis of Huizenga’s Balloon Page – exploring literal presence of word balloons in Comics Grid
Analysis of how speech balloons can be used to show simultaneous dialogue – Frank Bramlett in Hooded Utilitarian
Article series from conference discussing Thierry Groensteen’s theories of panel composition – on Hooded Utilitarian
Eric Wong on How Comics Visualize Sound – Sequart
Eric Wong on Sound in Comics/Time Paradoxes – Sequart
Laura Sneddon on Wordless Comics – Comic Book Grrrrl
Artist Igor Kordey – design of page structure – Neil Cohn’s blog
Neil Cohn on the interaction between narrative structure & page layout – in Frontiers in Psychology
John A Walsh Comic Book Markup Language – DHQ
Chris Gavaler Analyzing comics Layout 101 (v thorough) from Hooded Utilitarian
Chris Gavaler Analyzing the Walking Dead – Hooded Utilitarian
Craig Fischer analysis of Hawkeye by Fraction & Aja – The Comics Journal