Comics and Architecture/Sculpture

Hexagonal & Isometric Panel Layouts – collection of examples
Stuart Immonen’s Icosahedral Comic – interesting possibilities
Sousanis’ Little Boxes – an essay about categories – boxes – that can be made into a box
Sculpture and comics – conference as part of Comics Forum
Sculpture and comics essays – on comics forum site (this is #2 of a 3 part series)
Architecture and Comics – series on Hooded Utilitarian
Article on what comics tell us about cities & how cities are depicted in comics – from the Guardian UK
Website city strips – famous comic cities with text, action removed – just cities!
More on City Strips – famous comics cities w/text & action removed – in Socks
Article on Citizens of No Place – on Comics Grid
Architecture book in Comics – Yes is More – an Archicomic
On the connections between architecture & comics – French website
Hannah Means-Shannon on BCGF conversation between Ware, Spiegelman, & R McGuire – on the Comics Beat
Review/Close reading of Richard McGuire’s Here – by Tim Peters in Harpers
Chris Ware on Richard McGuire’s Here – in the Guardian
Behind the scenes of Richard McGuires Here – 5 Dials
Johnston & Peters discuss McGuire’s Here – Graphixia
Interview w/Richard McGuire on Here & Simultaneousness – The Paris Review
Lee Konstantinou “A Theory of (Richard McGuire’s) Here” – Account
Fantastic list of experimental comics – from Flavorwire
Experimental interactive interwoven comic by luetkemj
Jimenez Lai – website on architecture and comics – author of Citizens of No Place
Lovely comic about sign language as 3D communication – by Matt Boyce
Interactive web comic Undine – by Melanie Hölscher
The Story Museum, UK transformed into a giant comic – by Neill Cameron
Asher Klassen’s walk through comic book installation – senior thesis, cool project!
Experimental hypercomics – from E-Merl
Collection of European Abstract Formalist Comics – Tumblr
Abstract Mondrian-esque comic – by Frédérique Rusch
Maps in Comics – Comic Cartography – Tumblr
Tom Motley’s multidirectional, die-based comic – 46,656 possible stories!
Experimental comics written by computer code & Randomly generated comics tumblr

Comics and Poetry
Comics Oubapo – constraints of form – poetry in comics
Drunken Boat – Oubapo comics poetry site – with examples
Matt Madden on haiku comics – from his blog
Matt Madden’s list of constraints for making comics
Interview w Alexander Rothman “What is Comics Poetry?” – Comics Bulletin
Comics-Poetry Journal – Ink Brick – launched in 2014
Alexander Rothman’s Versequential – comics poetry site
Bianca Stone’s Poetry Comics – site
Hillary Chute on Comics and Poetry “Secret Labor” – at Poetry Foundation
Interview w/ Julian Peters his Comics versions of T.S. Elliot’s poems – from the Boston Globe
Poetry comics by Julian Peters – website
Matt Madden interview on 6 Treasures of the spiral – a comics sestina
Nicolas Labarre’s comics poetry translation (E. Dickinson) – translated from French
Brazilian Comics Poetry collective – gramatologia
Tom de Freston – Poetry-comic the Charnel House – painted
Laurence & Myra Musgrove – My Song, poem/comic – from the Illustrated Professor
A visual poetry anthology – Fantagraphic Books
Cordite poetry review comics issue – Australian
Essay on Joe Brainard and Grids – Daniel Worden on
Chris Ware acrostic comic on comics in the NYTimes

Constraint-based comics
Matt Madden’s list of constraints for making comics (Matt’s 20 Lines project)
Constraint-based – 4 panel comics – ongoing in Carousel
Abel/Madden’s Panel Lottery exercise
The original 5-Card Nancy – comics making game invented by Scott McCloud
Tom Motley’s comics-generating games – from his website cartooniologist
24 Hour Comics day – make a comic in 24 hours alongside people around the world – invented by Scott McCloud
Sarah McIntyre – rules for how hourly comics day works – livejournal
The best of hourly comics day 2013 – from the Beat (variation on 24 hour comics day)
Cool remixing exercise from Lynda Barry’s comics/creativity course – video
Blog on Pictureless comics – from the Comics Grid
Article on John Miers’s Score & Script collaborative project exploring comics mechanics – Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier
John Miers on his Score&Script Project – from his site
François Ayroles Palindrome comic – on WordsWithoutBorders