Charles Hatfield’s summer 2015 comics course – blog
Syllabi for various comics courses from the Center for Cartoon Studies
Sergio Figueiredo’s syllabus for Writing Graphic Novels at Kennesaw State
Illustrated Comics Syllabus for Laurence Musgrove’s comics course – on the illustrated professor
Syllabus from Jonathan Bass’s Composing Graphic Narratives Course at Rutgers
Syllabus from Aaron Kashtan’s Comics & Contemporary Media Course – at Georgia Tech (Aaron’s GWU talk on the Graphic Novel)
Syllabus from Henry Jenkin’s Comics & Graphic Storytelling Course – at USC
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Ramzi Fawaz Queer Comics Syllabus U-Wisconsin Madison
Michael Carosone Queer Comics Syllabus Teachers College, Columbia University
Course outline for William Kuskin’s Coursera comics class – online course
Suggested course outline for teaching comics in Medieval Classrooms – by Forrest Helvie
Notes and sketches (!) for a visual thinking course – by Laurence Musgrove + exam in comics form that students made
Derek Mainhart’s Teaching comics to teens – on Drawing Words & Writing Pictures site
Exercise of drawing as a response to reading – from Laurence Musgrove’s course
Frank Santoro’s comics making correspondence course – some details
Syllabus for Janice Fernheimer’s Eng401: Graphic Representations of Israeli-Palestinian conflict(s) – U of Kentucky
Syllabus for Christoper Pizzino’s Comics & Graphic Narratives Course – U of Georgia
Syllabus for Chris Gavaler’s course School for Superheroes – from Hooded Utilitarian
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Charles Hatfield’s comics courses and syllabi – California State University Northridge
Josh Rose’s comics as Popular Culture course syllabus – from
Randy Duncan 2015 Intro to Comics Studies syllabus
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Rob Weiner 2016 The Superhero in Film and Popular Culture Spring syllabus
Nick Sousanis 2015 Comics as a Way of Thinking syllabus
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Sean Connors Graphic Narrative course
A collection of comics course syllabi – from Power of Comics site
A broad collection of comics course syllabi – from various universities by Prof Christopher McGunnigle
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Sequential Artists Workshop/Tom Hart’s Storytelling Flow – online comics workshop
Matt Silady of California College for the Arts free Comics Making Online Course – Open Culture
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