Looking for good reads? This page is a collection of Best of the Year Recommendations Lists.

American Library Association Best Graphic Novels Reading Lists 2020-ongoing…
2023 The Beats’ Best of the Year
2023 Publishers Weekly Best of Year
2022 BookRiot 12 Best GN/Comics of the Year
2022 The Comics Journal Best Comics of the Year
2022 Forbes Best Comics of Year
2022 James Coville compiles best of 2022 Lists

2021 The Comics Journal Best Comics of the Year

2020 The Beats’ 50 Best Comics of 2020
2020 Forbes Best of 2020 List
2020 Broken Frontier Awards for 2020
2020 Women Write About Comics Academe Year in Review
2020 Solrad’s Best Comics of 2020
2020 Kim Jooha Best of Decade List
2018 Publishers Weekly Best GN List
2018 20 Best Kids Comics Paste Magazine
2016 Cartoonist Studio Prize Shortlists on Slate
2016 PrintMag’s 13 Best Design Related Graphic Novels

2014 Recommended for Young Readers – BoingBoing
List of Best of 2014 Lists – Graphic Policy
2014 Paul Gravett’s Top 10 Graphic Novels – US/UK/Europe
2014 Critics Picks – Publishers Weekly
2014 Best Comics and Graphic Novels – School Library Journal
2014 25 Most Interesting Comics/Graphic Novels – Mental Floss
2014 Best Comics & Graphic Novels – Comics and Cola
2014 Best comics and graphic Novels (surreal) – Village Voice
2014 Most Notable Graphic Novels – Vancouver Sun
2014 Graphic Novel List – from Omnivoracious

2013 recommended graphic novels – by Salon
2013 Great comics reads for Kids – by NY Public Library
2013 Deep list of recommended comics, zines, comic-like texts  – from Gridlords
2013 Reading list of graphic novels for educators – by Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
2013 Great list with extensive commentary of important graphic novels for the year – from the Washington Post
2013 Graphic Books of the Year – the Guardian
Jared Gardner’s mini-review of four great works of 2013 (excellent) – from Public Books

2012 Crave online’s list of best comics – diverse, educational list
Great List of 10 Graphic Novels for the literary minded – by Kelly Thompson
roundup of Graphic novels worth reading – from the Chicago Tribune
Recommended Graphics texts for jr high social studies classroom – by Mary Ann Reilly
Recommended Graphic Texts for high schoolers – by Mary Ann Reilly
Diverse list of 60 comics/graphic novels to read – by Buzzfeed
List of “Fabulous” graphic novels series (for kids) – by Booktoss
Stephen Weiner’s 101 best graphic novels listing