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Original use of the Cartoon from Punch Magazine
Archive of Punch Magazine – from UPenn; Punch Archive – U of Heidelberg; & Punch Archive – Project Gutenberg
History of Comics on Comics art and Graffix gallery website
Yellow Kid archives at Ohio State University
Robert Martin’s Chronology of North American Comics publishing – his blog
Andy Konky Kru Archive of Early Comic Strips – worldwide
Site for Origin of the Sunday Comics – Classic strips
Charles Forbell’s Naughty Pete – from Origins of the Sunday Comics
Fascinating interaction of character and panels – Sawdust Sim from 1906-7 – from the Stripper’s Guide
The Stripper’s Guide – blog about history of the American comic strip
“Wonderfully Vulgar” – Collection of Early British comics
Satirical image commentaries from the French Revolution – from Hyperallergic
History of the first use of term “comic books” in Famous Funnies – from John Adcock
First comic? 1825 Glasgow Looking Glass – U of Glasgow
Andy’s Early Comics Archive:
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Article revealing Marie Duval, uncredited early cartoonist behind Ally Sloper – in the Guardian
Seduction of the Innocent – website devoted to Wertham’s book and what it did to comics
Article Refuting Wertham – from Bleeding Cool
Original article on prof who points out Wertham’s lies – in Illinois paper
More on Refuting Wertham – from NYTimes
Interview w/Carol Tilley on Wertham – on comics story world
The Secret history of comic book censorship – with Carol Tilley at NYComic Con
Interview (audio) w/Carol Tilley on debunking Wertham – NPR
Comics cited by Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent – scans
Film about the Horror of Comic Books from 1955 – youtube
Film of David Hajdu’s sharing of short 1955 anti comics film – youtube
Nicholas Yanes on Comic book burnings in the US in 1940s & 1950s – from SciFiPulse
Article on Pretty in Ink – female cartoonists in the history of comics – from Hyperallergic
Blog exploring What is Manga – Nicholas Theisen
Ryan Holmberg on Tezuka Osamu and American Comics – from The Comics Journal
More from Holmberg on Osamu and Disney – The Comics Journal
Interview with George Herriman biographer Part 1 & Part 2 – The Comics Journal
Gene Yang – on Boxer Rebellion project & power of pop Culture – from his blog
Study guide for Yang’s Boxers & Saints – from Good OK Bad review site
Interview with Gene Yang on Boxers & Saints – from the New Yorker
Alan Baumler notes on Boxers & Saints – for English Course
1930 Chinese comics (lianhuanhua – “linked serial pictures) adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front – Slate
Rudolphe Topffer’s Obadiah Oldbuck comics – at the University of Dartmouth’s Library
Possibly first African-American owned comic of the Golden Age – from Saladin Ahmed
Not comics – but earliest stop-motion animations – from the Smithsonian blog
World’s “oldest” comic – Scotland strip from 1825 – IBDS Conference
Proto-comic – Bayeux tapestry discussion – at comics pusher
Interactive article on Trajan’s Column as comics – at National Geographic
On the history of word balloons – Ptak
History of Speech scrolls – early word balloons – wikipedia
The Egerton Genesis Picture Book – a Medieval “Comic Strip” – from the British Manuscript Library
Tales of Brave Ulysses – medieval illuminated manuscript – from the British Manuscript Library
The first woman “graphic novelist” – woodcut novels from 1920s – in HuffPo
Comics “jam” from Chicago paper in 1914 – surreal mashup
Review of Little Big Horn – Native American Picture – New York Book Review
Article on Comics-based biographies of cartoonists – from PrintMag
Early Graphic Novels project – 1970s Graphic Novel blog – project by Paul Williams
John Hilgart – In Defense of Dots the lost art of comics – 4 Color Process
Archive of the Birth of Superhero Comics from the Digital Public Library of America
The Digital Comics Museum – public domain comics free!

Comics in History
Comics in Church – images of Russia’s St John the Baptist
Selection of Illuminated Manuscript Pages – courtesy Lynda Barry’s blog
More illuminated manuscripts – Spanish
Comics-esque – Hildegard of Bingen – illuminated manuscripts

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The Lambiek Comiclopedia – illustrated compendium of cartoonists around the world
Golden Age Comics Archives
Comic Books Plus – Public Domain Comics Database – Golden age and more
The Digital Comics Museum – downloads of Golden Age comics
The Grand Comics Database
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the Complete Will Eisner P.S. Archives – at Virginia Commonwealth U

The Complete Winsor McCay Little Nemo! – scans from the Comic Strip Library
Winsor McCay’s Rare Bit Fiend – scans from the Comic Strip Library
Winsor McCay’s Gertie the Dinosaur – first keyframe animation – bleeding cool
Texas History Movies – Cartoon strip from the 1920s
The Comic Strip Library – online database of public domain strips
Chinese comics archives from the 1920s – Lianhuanhua (linked serial pictures) – from the University of Hawaii
Archive of Educational Comics – University of Nebraska Lincoln
Database of Non-English comics on Comics +