Digital Comics
Andre Berg’s Protanopia – digital interactive 3D comic
Mark Waid’s Thrillbent – digital comics
Interview with Mark Waid on Thrillbent initiative – in Publishers Weekly
Interview with Mark Waid and more on digital comics – in NYTimes
Yen Yen Woo & Colin Goh’s Dimsumwarriors – kung fu and language learning all rolled up into a tasty dim sum…
Interactive comic on Chicago 2012 NATO protest – from cartoon movement
Infinite canvas comic by Boulet (in English) – pretty sweet
Pretty neat Infinite manga on Shueisha
Infinite Canvas comic “to be continued” by Ghetti & Trimarchi
On Infinite Scroll comics in French
Anders Nilsen – Me & the Universe – at the NYTimes
Anders Nilsen – 2015 On Optimism – in Medium
Bouletcorp digital comic – Our Toyota was fantastic – animated gif comic
Another Boutletcorp animated gif comic – Heavy Light – beautiful
Another great Bouletcorp animated gif comic – Dance As If No One Was Watching
Cool scroll & partially animated comic by José Aguiar Malu
Scroll & partially animated comic by Javi de Castro The Eyes
Gif-comic GIF-Novel – in conjunction with Jameson ad
Boulet’s 24 hour comic – 2014
Partially animated comic on memory by Lilli Carré in the NYTimes
Animated comic-thing by QuickOBake – via Twitter
Paddy Johnston’s lecture on Chris Ware’s iPad comic – w/images and audio
Joe Sacco – Great War digital annotations – Slate
Interactive game/comic Icarus Needs – Kano games
Leap motion interactive comic Breathing Room – by Erik Loyer
Web comic – The Firelight Isle – by Paul Duffield & Kate Brown
Game for making virtual and real popup books – for iPad
Article by Frank Santoro on how scrolling is changing comics format – The Comics Journal
Comics Making Game – Mangaka/Kickstarter – from Comics Alliance
Amelia Wong’s Storytelling in the Digital Age – great resources
Daniel M Goodbrey Hypercomics site
Daniel M Goodbrey Digital comics thesis
Daniel M Goodbrey on Digital Comics – presentation