This page is devoted to providing a growing database of resources for those interested in integrating comics into their classrooms. Please drop me a line with any suggestions you wish to share.

Comics in the Classroom
Abel and Madden’s Drawing Words Writing Pictures site – companion to their books for reading, teaching, and making comics
Jessica Abel’s “what is a graphic novel” – in comics form
Matt Madden’s History of Comics in Six Panels – clever and insightful
Maria Ahokoivu’s comics on teaching comics – from Dw-Wp site
Gene Yang interview on comics make kids & adults smarter – Big Think
Gene Yang discussion of comics (as a comic) and education – great resource for educators
Gene Yang’s Comics in Education – based on his masters thesis, terrific resource for educators
Interview w Gene Yang on Comics in Schools – TED-Ed
Gene Yang on censorship – comic for banned books week
Gene Yang interview on comics & STEM education – video from SmartyGirl Leadership
Dav Pilkey’s secret origin in comics (so smart on education & comics) – his site
Center for Cartoon Studies – Graphic Guide to Literacy – in comics!
2019 5 Reasons Your Kids Should Read Graphic Novels from
Jarod Rosello’s comic How to Move – on drawing in the classroom – in the Pank
Jarod Rosello – Embodied Poetics of Comics – in the Pank
Randy Duncan and Matthew J. Smith’s Power of Comics – companion site to their book of the same name
Katie Monnin’s Teaching Graphic Novels – blog connect to her book of the same title
Article on an Ohio elementary after school comics reading/making club – Akron Beacon Journal (via Bill Kist)
Ryan Goble’s MCPOP Ning – comics in the classroom Huge gathering of teachers and creators sharing resources on comics and education
Canadian Website Comics in Education – resources for teaching visual narrative in K-12 classrooms
Exercise on translating comics page into text page – from
Graphic Novels & High School English (new url) – Great resource for teachers by Maureen Bakis (former url Graphic Novels and High School English)
James Bucky Carter’s Pedagogical paper on Teaching comics –
Teach/Read – Graphic Novel classroom notes – great resource for teaching by Anna Smith
Graphic Novels in the Classroom – resource post
Article on Reading Comics will Make you smarter – mashable
Article (2019) on using graphic novels to help kids with coping – Publishers Weekly
Interview w Cathy G Johnson on comics in the classroom – podcast
Reading with Pictures – a nonprofit effort to promote comics in the classroom
Article on Josh Elder/Reading with pictures – on Edutopia
Tracy Edmunds’s Slides/Pdf on integrating comics into common core – on the Reading with Pictures site
A slideshow on comics in the classroom – by Sylvia’s English Online
An introduction to Teaching with Comics (PDF) – from University of Lethbridge
Comics in the Classroom – lesson plans, reviews, and more
Cartoon Classroom – UK comics/ed site
Flummery – lesson plans for teachers and cartooning tips
Teaching Comics – resource site for educators, by the National Association of Comics Art Educators
The Elements of Comics – comics writing site by prof Alexander Danner
SANE Journal – Sequential Art Narrative in Education
Pencil Panel Page – blog devotes to the study of comics
European Union Project – Educomics – literacy project and more
Lars Wallner Comics Literacy in the Classroom
On teaching Shaun Tan’s the Arrival – Mary Catherine Miller
Using Graphic Novels in Education – teaching ‘Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong’ – from CBLDF
Resource curriculum on using comics in classroom to teach about Refugees
Comics and literacy conversation – with Jeff Smith (Bone)
Neill Cameron’s 5-part series on Comics & Literacy: Pt1, Pt2, Pt3, Pt4, Pt5 – from his blog (good reads)
Graphic Novel reading lesson – Hollis Margaret Rudiger
Humorous and importance post on how to read comics/combatting comics illiteracy – by Hannah Berry
On using comics to teach literacy for immigrant students – Glasgow
Comic for kids on how to read comics – Sesame Street!
On using comics to help students with autism – we are teachers blog
Going low tech to teach literacies by Liz Losh – article on student organized comic con – at UC San Diego
Mini-site on comics in the classroom – courtesy U of Michigan’s Language Resource Center
On Using comics to teach transmedia – w/Tyler Weaver from connect the Pop
Interview with Tyler Weaver on Comics and Transmedia – by Henry Jenkins
Carol Tilley on educational importance of Comics – guest post on Connect the Pop
Carol Tilley’s TEDx talk on why kids need Comics – video
Carol Tilley Comics: a once-missed opportunity – on comics & participatory culture – from Journal of Research in Libraries & Young Adults
EdTech resource article on comics creation in the classroom – lots of links
Piece on Why Kids need comics – lots of resources by Louie Stowell
Kathryn Hansen In Defense of Graphic Novels in the classroom(PDF) – Scholarly article
Article on creating effective teaching guides for graphic novels – by Peter Guiterrez on Diamond Bookshelf
Article on Building better Readers with Graphic Storytelling – Peter Guiterrez on Reading with Pictures
Article on Kevin Cheng using comics to convey big ideas at Companies – Tech Crunch
Article on teacher using comics in social studies classroom – PBS Newshour
Video interview with Keegan Lannon on how comics work – PhD Detours in Comics
Article by Leonard Rifas on the history and future of Educating with Comics – in AIGA
Article on How Comics became the hottest thing in libraries – by Heidi MacDonald on Publishers Weekly
Article on using Marvel comics in college classrooms to teach critical media – on the Conversation
Strategies for using comics in the classroom – from NCTE
Comics in the Classroom educator article – in the Comics Observer
A Case for Comics in the Classroom – in the Comics Observer
Toronto Teacher’s Approach to Using Comics in his Classroom – brief practical ideas
Article on using comics instead of textbooks w/lots of examples – from Huffington Post
Article on Changing Attitudes to Comics in the Classroom – by Glen Downey on Sequart
Discussion of Kids, Comics, and literacy at C2E2 – from Comic Book Resources
Article on Comics in the Classroom – from Chicago Tribune
Article on Maus entering Australian University for official study – AU World News 2013
Interview w/Rob Weiner & Carrye Kay Syma on their book Graphic Novels in the Classroom – from SciFi Pulse
Sarah McIntyre on getting kids to make comics – Comics adventures for kids of all ages – from the Telegraph UK
A not so positive article about comics in the classroom, comments are important…
2013 article justifying Comics in the Classroom – from Yakima Herald
On ways of using comics in the classroom for vocabulary – from Inspired Minds (UK)
Article on why study comics in the classroom – from UMass Media
Article on Dr Michael Bitz and the Comic Book Project – from Williamsport, PA
Article on Kids making nonfiction comics – Digital Media Literacy
Article on Superhero comics created to help in a mathematics classroom – from Elkhart Truth
Article for library education – comic book guy in the classroom – PDF
Article on powerful of sequential art in Education – Monash University, Australia 2019
Articles on comics in English as a Second Language classrooms – from Reading with Pictures
Article on using comics to increase classroom engagement – the Atlantic
Article exploring literary merits of graphic novels in classroom – The ALAN review (PDF)
Visual-verbal document on how comics work by kids – by Kendall Cub scouts (pdf)
Article by cartoonist Danica Novgorodoff on inspiration & interdisciplinary potential of comics – Huffington Post
Article by J. Stringer on Dyslexia & Comics – at
Story on Teachers using comics in their classroom – from NPR
2014 Article on Teaching Graphic Novels in the Classroom – from School Library Journal
Article on the importance of comics for young readers/visual literacy – Comics Alliance
Journal articles on Teaching with Comics – from the History Teacher
NYC DOE “Registered” A Comic on the 26th Amendment – Aydin, DeConnick, Fraction, De Landro, Louise (PDF)
DC Comics Rocks the Vote w/John Lewis – DC Comics
Graphic Biographies to Teach World History – OER Project
Trevor Getz on Teaching/Making Nonfiction History Comics – OER Project
Panel Schomburg Black History Comic Book Fest – Teaching Hard History Through Comics – Video
Teacher’s Guide for Lost in NYC – from Toon Graphics
Teacher’s Guide for Sea Change – from Toon Graphics
Two Teachers’ year of reading graphic novels & lessons & recs – blogpost
Teacher Tim Smyth on bringing comics into his classroom – PBS Newshour
Integrating Graphic Novels in Curriculum & Instruction article – Elizabeth Downey in American Library Association
Editorial on importance of using comics in classroom for Visual literacy – Publishers Weekly
David Greenfield blogpost Comix in the Classroom are cool – recommended texts and resources
Public Radio (North Carolina) Interview on the changing perception of comics and graphic Novels
Interview with Jessica Abel on the artist in the comics classroom – Matt Finch’s Books and Adventures site
Interview with Yen Yen Woo on DimSumWarriors, comics & Literacy – Matt Finch’s Books and Adventures site
Interview w/Nick Sousanis on comics and the classroom – Matt Finch’s Books and Adventures site
Pt1 of interview w/Steve Saville on publishing Comics in the classroom – Matt Finch’s Books and Adventures site
Pt2 of Interview w/Steve Saville on comics/creativity in the classroom – Matt Finch’s Books and Adventures site
Interview with Walter Biggins on Comics Studies by Jeet Heer at the Comics Journal
Essay Towards a philosophy of teaching comics – on Graphixia
Web-chat on Graphile-Complexity and Graphic Novels in education – w/Stergios Botzakis, David Low, and more
Paul Thomas’ Adventures with text – blog for comics in the classroom