Comics Journalism Resources

Introduction to Comics Journalism, lots of resources – by Adam Bessie
Adam Bessie on value of Comics Journalism – in TruthOut
Lukas Plank’s Drawn Truth – interactive essay on Comics Journalism – very useful
Lukas Plank list of comics journalism people and subjects – site
Sarah Glidden some comics journalism stories – her site
Sarah Glidden on non-fiction comics as gateway to learning issues – PRI
Sarah Glidden excerpt from Rolling Blackouts – The Nib
Interactive comic on Chicago 2012 NATO protest – from cartoon movement
Cartoon Movement – comics journalism site
Interactive Comic on homelessness in Brazil – from Cartoon Movement
Comics journalism from Positive Negatives on human rights & social issues
Article on history of Comics Journalism – Ad Astra Comix
Interactive comic Disaster Capitalism – on
Online & Tablet Comics Journal Symbolia – launched in 2012
Article on Symbolia – comics journalism
Article on Comics & Visual Journalism – from Columbia Visuals
Ben Woo on Sacco/Comics Journalism – paper
Joe Sacco – Great War digital annotations – Slate
Douglas Wolk – on Sacco’s Great War – Washington Post
Comics Journalism on Prison stories – in NYTimes (series)
Significant Political Cartoons – from Victor Navasky’s book on the same (Buzzfeed)
Lessons on political cartooning from cartoonist Jeff Danziger – The Comics Journal
Interview w Cartoonist mr. Fish on political cartooning – Henry Jenkins
Art Spiegelman interview on importance of Cartoonists/Charlie Hebdo – Democracy Now
Art Spiegelman Interview on the importance of Cartoons/Je Suis Charlie – Time
Josh O’Neill on Egyptian Cartoonists doing Revolutionary Work – in The Atlantic
Comic by Josh Neufeld on comics journalism – “comics don’t have to be funny!”
Josh Neufeld&Michael Keller Terms of Service – on Al Jazeera
Josh Neufeld – comics journalism on Hurricane Sandy – from
Josh Neufeld – revisiting Katrina survivors 10 years after – from
Josh Neufeld on what is comics journalism – in the
Josh Neufeld – the Road to Germany (Syrian refugees) – Foreign Policy
Ronald Wimberly 10 Years After (Katrina) – in the New Yorker
Mike Dawson – life during interesting times – the Nib
Andy Warner’s poverty cartoon infographic – from KQED
Stuart McMillen The Town without Television (pt 1)
Article overview on Comics Journalism – Nieman Lab
The Graphic History Project – a project about graphic activism by the Graphic History Collective
Meet the Somalis – illustrated stories of Somalis in 7 cities in Europe – on Open Society Foundations
Clever visual journalism on adulteration of Olive Oil by Nicholas Blechman – in the NYTimes
Visual story on what a guard sees inside a detention center – from the Global Mail
Article on comics journalism – and history of comics as journalism
Book reviews in cartoon form by Ward Sutton
Kristen Radtke’s illustrated book review of Hall of Small Mammals – in Oxford American
Adam Bessie – This School is not a pipe – drawn by Josh Neufeld
Federal Reserve Comic in NYTimes and download the comics from the FED’s website
Lukas Plank’s comic & site on comics journalism ethics – comprehensive
Article on Paul Buhle’s Radical Jesus/Graphic History of Faith – from Truthout
Essay on working as a comics journalist – by Susie Cagle
Comic on travel as a woman – Natalie Nourigat
Owen D. Pomery Comic as Travel Guide & Bag review
Graphic Novels on historical, social, & environmental issues – mentioned in the Independent (UK)
Feeding 9 Billion – Food Crisis comic – from Feeding 9 billion’s website
Petter Bagge comic on teaching and adjunct unionization – on
Erin Polgreen – on how comics work for powerful journalism – from Harvard’s Nieman reports
Erin Polgreen – on the rise of comics journalism & (now defunct) SymboliaMag – Chicago Tribune
Comic on History, Causes, & Politics of Climate Change – in Nature (by Monastersky & Sousanis)
Comic on Climate Change’s Effect on the Marshall Islands – Weather Channel
Comic on the role of climate change in the Syrian conflict – from
Comic dealing with doctors and treating people in Syria – from the Atlantic
Article on How Comics Journalism Brings stories to life – in Columbia Journalism Review
Interactive comics journalism site on Michael Brown/Ferguson shooting – by Dan Archer
Josh Neufeld – Crossing the Line, on racial profiling at US Borders – from the Nib/Medium
Frankie Noone’s comic on Alberta Residential Schools – the Walrus
Keith Aoki’s Bound by Law, comic on copyright – at Open Culture
Comic on the Origin of Fair Use – Harvard
Amicus Brief in Comics Form – American Bar Association Journal
Nick Thorkelson on Herbert Marcuse/One-Dimensional Man – Dissent Magazine
Article on Breaking into Comics Journalism – Columbia U Journalism Visuals
Benjamin Dix on making comics on humans rights abuses – the Guardian
Sukjong Hong – nail salon workers speak out about abuse – in
2015 Article on growing impact of comics journalism – in Journalism
2015 Lauren Weinstein – on neuroscience of learning – in Nautilus
Eva Hillhorst – intro to Graphic Journalism – Drawing the Times
Dutch Graphic Journalism Drawing the Times – comics web-mag
Nicholas Labarre analysis of Shaun of the Dead in Comics – Angles (French)
Stephen Asma’s review of Unflattening in Comics form – LA Review of Books