Comics definitions articles
Stergios Botzakis’s explanation what is a graphic novel – from Graphic Novel Resources
Chris Gaveler on Defining Comics Definitions
Daniel Goodbrey Characteristics of the form
Scott McCloud talks Understanding Comics on 99 Percent Invisible
Scott McCloud’s TED Talk – from 2005
Audio podcast with Scott McCloud from UCSB 2013
Audio interview with Scott McCloud, comprehensive – Glassworks Magazine
Inventing comics – a look at McCloud’s definition of comics by Dylan Horrocks
Eddie Campbell’s Graphic Novel Manifesto – on distinction between comics/GNs
Glen Weldon on letting go of Graphic Novel as a term for comics – NPR
Derik Badman’s essay Panel & Pictures, defining comics as a “family” – from his blog
An academic article examining comics definitions by Aaron Meskin
Blog post exploring comics definitions by Patrick Holt
Roy T. Cook on the Paradox of the Comics Reading Experience – Hooded Utilitarian
Post examining whether comics should be defined – on pencil/panel/page
Essay exploring definitions of Sequential Narrative Art – by Salgood Sam
Noah Berlatsky – considering comics as a genre rather than medium – lots of conversation in the comments
Grawlix – symbols in comics
On Grawlixes and more – from FastCo Design
On the origin of the grawlix – from Slate
Comic – Onomatopoeia gone mad by Kurtzmann and Wood – from Bleeding Cool
Pascal Lefevre’s – more than 100 comics related words – in 8 languages! (awesome list)
Andrei Molotui’s list of terms for comics studies – on the comics forum
Andrei Molutui’s list of terms for comics studies illustrated! – super cool!
A Bibliography of Comics Studies – from Oxford Bibliographies

Comics and Multimodality
Liz Losh & Jonathan Alexander on Making Things Graphic as a form of interpretation – re: their book Understanding Rhetoric: A graphic guide to writing
Aaron Humphrey’s abstract for talk on What Can we learn from Educational comics? – at Comics & the Multimodal World conference
Aaron Kashtan’s text for his talk on multimodality – from Comics & the Multimodal World conference
Aaron Kashtan – teaching multimodal literacy with comics – DragonCon talk
Aaron Kashtan – reading comics physical vs. digitally – talk transcript
Review of Dale Jacobs’ Graphic Encounters: Comics & the sponsorship of multimodal literacy – by Aaron Humphrey on the comics Grid
Comics and multimodality – scholarly articles
Comics and Literacies – sequential art and literacy intersections
Damian Duffy on Comics and Multimodality – good information
Taylor Quimby on multimodality in comics – focus on speech balloons in Sandman
Damian Duffy on designing a multimodal learning environment – comics as foundation
Wiki page on Comics Studies – some good references to Multimodality
Julian Darius on Tensions between Text & Image in Comics – from Sequart
Collection – the Multimodality of Comics in Everyday Life – on Media Commons
on Ben Day dots in comics – from Legion of Andy

Comics Research Bibliography Ebook
Henry Jenkins & Scott McCloud discuss the future of comics – with video
Neil Cohn on the architecture of visual narrative comprehension – from Frontiers in Psychology
Interview with Neil Cohn – on his study of the grammar of comics – from the Guardian
Article by Neil Cohn – on breaking comics grammar to learn it – from Visual Linguist
Article on Neil Cohn on the Science of Comics – from
Video of Neil Cohn talking visual language – YouTube Fantom Comics
Neil Cohn’s discussion of Australian sand narratives – referencing Dr Jennifer Green’s book on the same – from his site
Bill Kartalopoulos on the importance of comics in internet age (nice bit on meta-bi-lingualism) – from HuffPo
Article on how a picture becomes an icon/McCloud Abu Ghraib – from Dirty Theory
Article on Multilingualism in American Born Chinese – by Philip Smith on the Comics Journal
How to read Nancy – wonderful analysis exercise by Karasik and Newgarden
2015 Interview (podcast/transcript) with Scott McCloud about The Sculptor – Dan Berry/Make It Then Tell Everybody
Interview with Scott McCloud by Comics historian Hillary Chute
A look at McCloud’s Understanding Comics 20 years later – at Ad Astra Comix
A Dazzling Lack of Respectability – comics and academic history article by David Huxley on Comics Forum
Comics Scholarship 2.0 – article by Ernesto Priego on Comics Forum
Supergods and Spirituality ComicCon Interview with Grant Morrison and the Chopras
Hooded Utilitarian’s survey of top 100 comics internationally – extensive survey, good place to find out about comics worth checking out
NYTimes article on comic book art as high art in books
Scott Marsden on tension between art and comics/words and pictures – from Graphixia
Gene Yuen Lang on Comics and Christianity – on the Jewish origins of each
Mindscape of Alan Moore – documentary film now online
Sprawling interview with Alan Moore & storytelling technique in Watchmen – the Mustard
Analyzing symmetry in Watchmen – Fure and Moulthrop – awesome analysis of Ch V of Watchmen…
Fure & Moulthrop Internet Companion to Watchmen – site
Symmetry in William Blake and Alan Moore – by Roger Whitson from Image-Text
Thinking on Alan Moore & the Fourth Dimension – by Mark Bernard & James Bucky Carter from Image-Text
Panel w/Karasik/Mazzucchelli/Auster/Spiegelman discussing City of Glass – at CAB
Coverage of Spiegelman’s performance piece “Wordless” – by Brian Cremins
Examination of Ben Katchor’s work & vanishing memory – on the Comics Grid
Interview w Robert Berry on Ulysses adaptation – “comics becomes the purest language for recounting memory” (on Broken Frontier)
Eric Berlatsky on 4D Time in Comics – at Hooded Utilitarian
Article on Art & Comics & Splash Pages – at Hooded Utilitarian
Study guide to Nao of Brown – at Good Ok Bad
Study guide to Asterios Polyp – at Good Ok Bad
Business profs using graphic Novels as Textbooks Article in the Oklahoma Daily
Interview with author of the Atlas Black – business education graphic novel
More on comics and economics – article with links to other resources
Will comics save Business Journalism? – article in PSK
Article on Graphic Novels for MBAs in Public Books
Ottomaniac’s Post on Moore and a New Tomorrow – blog article on Moore and Veitch’s amazing “four floors of fear”
Lynda Barry interview and profile of her writing workshops at the NYTimes
Lynda Barry interview on her creativity courses – 2013
Lynda Barry comic on 20 stages of reading – Washington Post
Lynda Barry’s Two Questions on creative process – from the Great Comic Book Heroes
Lynda Barry 2014 Interview on importance of making art – from Art News
Lynda Barry 2014 interview on drawing/education – the Guardian
Lynda Barry 2015 Interview on learning to draw like a kid – CBC
Interview with Gabrielle Bell on autobiographical comics & being an introvert – from Huffington Post
Interview with Chris Ware on Building Stories + thoughts on Common Core – from Salon 2014
Interview (excerpt) with Chris Ware – on process and creativity 2013
Panel depicted in comics form w/ Chris Ware, Seth, and Ivan Brunetti – by Gordon McAlpin
The Creative Process of Dan Clowes – UChicago Library
Comics Studies articles on Documentary Comics – University of Dundee Course
Interview with Brooke Gladstone on the Influencing Machine (and Part Two)
MLA 2012 comics sessions – includes panel on comics and picture books
Marc Clegg’s 1978 thesis on understanding comics – early work on comics and theory
Short essay on Reading Comics – by Dr. Chris Murray
Bank Street mini course on teaching with comics – by Ayers and Alexander-Tanner
U of Dundee Scotland Comics studies – Fun Home & Persepolis – discussed
Classroom notes on – Teaching and Learning from Persepolis – by Jeff Brackett
TED talk on visual narrative and teaching Persepolis – on
U of Dundee Scotland comics studies – Eddie Campbell – discussion of autobiography and metafiction
Eddie Campbell – essay on comics “The Literaries” – in The Comics Journal
Comics College article on Phoebe Gloeckner – Robot 6 Blog
Comics College article on Marjane Satrapi – on Robot 6 Blog
Comics College article on David B. – on Robot 6 Blog
Comics College article on Winsor McCay – on Robot 6 Blog
Comics College-Robot 6 – list of all articles
Noah Berlatsky on Postmodernism and Comics – from Hooded Utilitarian
Bart Beatty – interview on comics vs. art – on the comics grid
Interview with Paul Gravett on his book Comics Art – from Comics Bubble
Article on Paul Gravett’s UK exhibition Comics Unmasked – from the Guardian
Article on increasing connections between Comics & Fine Art worlds – from ArtNews
Series of articles devoted to the comics works of Neil Gaiman – on Image TexT
Secret Origin of the term Graphic Novel – predating Eisner’s usage
Peter Sanderson on 1986 the Year That Changed Comics Part 1 and Part Two – in Sequart
Julian Darius on Why Comics Have failed to Achieve respect since 1986 – in Sequart
The business of the strips – economics/comics historical essay by David Westbrook
Review of book Multicultural Comics by Orion Kidder
Review of Hannah Miodrog’s Comics and Language – by Neil Cohn
Pynchon’s comic book mythology – in Gravity’s Rainbow
Academic project on Creativity and Project Management – using comics
NYT Obituary of Anthony Horton – man who lived beneath NYC and co-author of graphic novel Pitch Black
Interview with Art Spiegelman on the BBC
2014 article on Françoise Mouly & Toon Books educational comics – in NYTimes
2013 Interview with Art Spiegelman & Francoise Mouly – National Post
2014 Interview with Francoise Mouly on Toon Books & education – Muth Magazine by Meg Lemke
2013 interview with Francoise Mouly on Toon Books/comics as literacy gateway – from Design Mom
Review of Art Spiegelman’s 2013 Retrospective at Jewish Museum – NYTimes
Review of Spiegelman’s Jewish Museum Retrospective “in the shadow of art spiegelman” – from Hyperallergic
Review by Alisa Solomon of Spiegelman’s Jewish Museum Retrospective – from The Nation
2013 Interview w/Art Spiegelman by Molly Crabapple –
Jeet Heer’s twitter essay – on Spiegelman, Maus as Detective Fiction – Art Matters blog
Alan Moore’s review of Arcade magazine – from RAW
Interview with Derf Backderf on Dahmer – in Young Adult Lit mag
Jack Kirby through Art History on Abstract Comics‘ site
Andrei Molotiu on Abstract comics and Geometry – on the Abstract Comics blog
Kirby and Collage – from Salon
Wally Wood’s 22 Panels that Always Work – via Oeming on Bleeding Cool
The Original Wally Wood’s 22 Panels that Always work – flickr
One more collection of Wood’s 22 Panels – on Bleeding Cool
Article on Ellipses (spatial temporal jump between panels) in Gilbert Hernandez’s Poison River – David Turgeon (references Harry Morgan)
Article on Book Lost Comics of the 1960s – in Mother Jones
Bill Griffith’s Zippy on comics attaining “legitimacy” – cartoon
Links from the 2012 U of Chicago comics and philosophy symposium – featuring 17 major comics folks
Interview with Barbara Postema on Silent Comics – from Ryerson University (CA)
Malwina Chabocra – Magic in the Gutter, reflections on comics – w/references to McCloud, Madden, etc
Greg Carpenter series in search of a Comics Canonparts One, Two, and Three – on Sequart
Michael Dooley article on cartoonists dealing with Censorship – in PrintMag
The censored comics of Mike Diana – from Lambiek Comiclopedia
Bob Mankoff on the link between cartoons and tweets – from the New Yorker
Abstract for presentation Back to the Drawing Board: exploring visual rhetoric through comic art – by Susan Kirtley, Portland State U
Article on academics taking comics seriously – from the BBC
Alexander Chee 2014 article on Chast/Bechdel & taking comics seriously – Salon