Comics and Narrative Medicine
Graphic Medicine – resource site for graphic illness narratives
Graphic Medicine Course Module – by Michael Green on the National Library of Medicine site
Wonderful, illustrated writeup of 2015 Graphic Medicine Conference – Lorenzo Servitje
Sketchnotes from the 2014 Graphic Medicine Conference – by Shannon Loomer
Roundup of 2014 Graphic Medicine Conference – Whit Taylor in The Comics Journal
Introducing Graphic Medicine by the Bad Dr. & Comics Nurse – on the NY Academy of Medicine
Intro to Taking Turns by the Comics Nurse
Temple Student Makes Cartoons to get through Med School – Graphic Medicine
Mike Natter drawing for Med School Lessons
Review of the Bad Dr. and Graphic Medicine Anthology – NYTimes
Talks from the 2014 Graphic Medicine conference – on YouTube
How comics are improving doctor practice – from the BBC
Article on comics and medicine – in the Conversation UK
Strip Aids and its sequel Strip Aids USA – anthology AIDS comics
Death talks about Life – Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean AIDS comic narrated by Death from Sandman
Blue Pills – a Positive Love Story – French comic on living with AIDS (translated)
Comic project with kids on dealing with HIV – Cardiff University, South Africa
Tom Hart’s devastating comic on loss of 2 year old daughter – webcomic
Tom Humberstone’s comic on dealing with Crohn’s disease – amazing 24 hour comic
NYTimes article on addressing Asperger’s Syndrome using comics
Dad’s comic on Down’s Syndrome for his son
Article on comics as Graphic Medicine – great overview
List of 10 Graphic Novels that made Graphic Medicine – MedScape
Mike Keeper’s comic on Crohn’s Disease – via graphic medicine
Document on Graphic novels addressing illness narratives
Good bibliography of comics dealing with disabilities – blog
Graphic memoirs & novels.pdf – provided by Columbia U’s Marsha Hurst & Pat Stanley
Scott McCloud post on future of comics – including role in narrative medicine
Article summing up conference on comics and medicine – in Toronto
Ellen Forney’s Marbles – memoir on bipolarism
Article on bipolarism & Forney’s Marbles – in Huffington Post
Tyler Page’s Raised on Ritalin, ADHD in comics
Michael Bise’s Life on the List – comic about being on the waiting list for a heart transplant
Article on Narrative Medicine (no comics) – from the Journal of the American Medical Association
Article on using comics to prevent surgery errors – in Medscape Today
Dr. Michael Green’s comic on preventing surgery errors – article/comic
Podcast on Diversity in comics: race, gender, sexuality… – on the Comics Alternative
Tumblr Better-drawn – comics by people dealing with long term mental or physical illnesses
Joe Ollman’s comic on dealing with his father’s death – at The Comics Journal
Online Comic on Depression – Hyperbole and a half
How Comics represent Depression – from pencil-panel-page
Roundup of comics dealing with anxiety & depression – from Go Comics
Short list of comics dealing with health issues – blog Die Awesome
Article Manga as Medical Tool – NYTimes
Paula Knight on responding to ‘do you have children?’ – infertility comic
Paula Knight’s comics on fertility, miscarriage, and childlessness – from her site
Luchie comic on being introverted – lovely
Kriota Willberg examination of EC comic on cancer – insightful
Adam Bessie & Dan Archer on Pink Ribbon Envy – Brain Cancer comic – from the Nib
Adam Bessie & Marc Parenteau comic on Medical Marijuana for Cancer treatment – on Fusion
On using comics to help students with autism – we are teachers blog
Drawing Autism – a visual tour by kids w/autism – on Brainpickings
Learn about Social Stories/comic strip conversations to help autistic people
Pat Grant’s comic about his father – powerful piece…
Comic about dealing with Rape & Sexual Abuse – from Nina Burrowes – the cartooning psychologist
Designer working w/Mayo Clinic on patient narratives – from Arcade
Cartoonist Julia Wertz on dealing with Alcohol and Depression – from
Interview w/ Ian Williams founder of Graphic Medicine – in GP Online
Comic on motherhood and cartooning – by Rina Ayuyang
Comic on traumatic birth – by Jessica Carew Kraft
Call for articles on intersections of comics and mental health – Asylum Magazine (Sept 2014)
Rachel Masilamani’s “The Subject” & Spontaneous, Inevitable, Habitual – in Mutha Magazine
Ryan Alexander-Tanner’s comics interviews with on miscarriage – on
Kate Waldman on Comics & Mental Illness (Marbles, Swallow me Whole…) – in Slate
Site for public service Comics with Problems – archive
The Comics Nurse – when comics and health care converge – Mayo Clinic site
Dr. Michael Green’s comic on addressing end of life issues – from annals of Graphic Mediicine
comic on becoming a mom – from Guts magazine
Illustrated interview on the Human Biome – Graphic Medicine site
Stuart Campbell – “these memories won’t last” – dementia animated comic
Lisa Wilde – comic on dealing with her mother’s dementia – Mutha Magazine
Medical info for kids – Medikidz Comics – medical organization
Graphic Medicine resources from Matthew Noe @ Lamar Soutter Library
Webinar introducing Graphic Medicine by Matthew Noe

Health Education
Prepping for Zombie Apocalypse with comics – by Matt Finch on the CDC’s Zombie Preparedness comic
Article on Sci-Fi Comic to teach kids about Immune system – CBC
Educational comic on battling dysentery in WW1 – The Invisible War
Akane Shimizu’s Cells at Work! – Penguin

Comics dealing with war/trauma
Graphic Novel helps Navy corpsmen cope – from the LA Times on “the Docs” – produced by the Navy
Article on the Navy’s “The Docs” – for helping Navy Corpsmen cope with Trauma
Online copy of the Navy’s “the Docs” – for dealing with the stress and danger of the military
Interactive Comic-Game for training for soldiers in Afghanistan
Comic artist embedded with US military in Afghanistan starting in 2010.
War is Boring : war correspondent blog and cartoons, with tagline, “we go to war so you don’t have to.”
Comics go to war : A look at several comics written from war situations.
Afghanistan embedded comic journalism
Course on wartime comics – article in
Karen Green article on Ritual Suicide/War – on comixology
Health Care Reform explained in Graphic Novel Form – by Jonathan Gruber
Comics as propaganda – and other aspects
Propaganda comic in Granada – produced by CIA in 1983-4
Comics as Propaganda in Cyprus & US – from Bleeding Cool
Article on how the Government used comics as propaganda – from
Jeet Heer on Comics as Cold War Propaganda – the New Republic
Book the Comic Art of War study of military cartoonists – McFarland Press
Book comics and world wars – Palgrave
Chilean how to read Donald Duck – imperialist ideology in the Disney Comic
Comics from the Real Cost of Prison Project – PDFs
Article on comic helping imprisoned youth return to life – from Bleeding Cool
Article on children’s comic Azzi in Between on refugee status – from Playing by the Book (children’s books blog)
Comic on a refugee’s story from Iran – Red Cross website
Website for Comics for Heroes – site to donate comics to soldiers/others
Comic of soldier’s recovery after Afghanistan in DC hospital – Daily Beast
Comic recounting veteran’s struggle with returning home – by Jess Ruliffson
Jess Ruliffson story of veteran addressing suicide bomber – in Boston Globe
Sketches and stories of returning soldiers by Richard Johnson – in Washington Post
Cartoonist/Veterans project – When I Returned – Center for Cartoon Studies
Kate Polak on teaching Deogratias (detailing the Rwandan genocide) – from Hooded Utilitarian
Leela Corman comic on PTSD – from Nautilus
Leela Corman comic on healing – her Tumblr
Comic – I made my rapist breakfast – on the Nib
Comic dealing with Human trafficking/Nigeria – PDF
Harriet Earle Comics, Trauma and the New Art of War Mississippi U Press
Hillary Chute Disaster Drawn Harvard U Press