Looking for good reads? This page is a collection of Best of the Year Recommendations Lists.

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2016 PrintMag’s 13 Best Design Related Graphic Novels

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2013 recommended graphic novels – by Salon
2013 Great comics reads for Kids – by NY Public Library
2013 Deep list of recommended comics, zines, comic-like texts  – from Gridlords
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2013 Great list with extensive commentary of important graphic novels for the year – from the Washington Post
2013 Graphic Books of the Year – the Guardian
Jared Gardner’s mini-review of four great works of 2013 (excellent) – from Public Books

2012 Crave online’s list of best comics – diverse, educational list
Great List of 10 Graphic Novels for the literary minded – by Kelly Thompson
roundup of Graphic novels worth reading – from the Chicago Tribune
Recommended Graphics texts for jr high social studies classroom – by Mary Ann Reilly
Recommended Graphic Texts for high schoolers – by Mary Ann Reilly
Diverse list of 60 comics/graphic novels to read – by Buzzfeed
List of “Fabulous” graphic novels series (for kids) – by Booktoss
Stephen Weiner’s 101 best graphic novels listing