Threads: a spinning fable

This work was created for Dr. Ruth Vinz’s course on Postmodern Textual Practices. We were asked to draft a postmodern take on a fairy tale or myth. At the same time we’d been mapping out our definition of what postmodernism means. Mine includes a lot of developments in science and mathematics and music – sampling…


Little Boxes (Final Version)

Created in conjunction with Graeme Sullivan’s “Visual Arts Research” class at TC. Closely related to the recent “Bi(bli)ography” as well as a spiritual cousin to “In the Box/Out of the Box” from some time ago. – Nick Little Boxes is also designed to be put together as a cube – or little box itself. Arrows…


Bi(bli)ography – text only

Ok, it’s been a long time since there’s been a new piece. Not because i’ve not been working on new projects, but rather because of how each project has grown as i’ve delved into it. This is the case with the following – intended to be a two-page, quick essay, it blew up fractal-like as…


Old and New again

I’m in the process of adding some older short comics I made to this archive. To preserve the continuity of when they were created, they appear earlier in the blog posts, even though they’ve only been added now. – Nick