of consequence

Continuing my attempt at a weekly comics piece for Robbie McClintock’s course… Not sure i’m going to make the weekly part. But still going to work through some ideas conceptually and visually as I go. – Nick

learning pathways (untitled)

This term, I’m sitting in on my advisor Robbie McClintock’s final  course – a look back at his formative educational experiences. I set myself a small goal of making a short piece inspired by something that occurred in the class or the reading. I include the quote from Robbie to start it off, and then…


The Shape of Our Thoughts

Subtitled, “a meditation on and in comics,” “The Shape of Our Thoughts,” is an exploration of how comics work, what their potential for conveying and exploring meaning is, and a tiny bit on implications for art/and comics education. It’s intended as a journal article and culled from material from my dissertation proposal. As this visual-verbal…


My Evolution

As a final project for Visual Explanations – thinking about the concept of visual analogies in comics with colleague Andrea Kantrowitz. Created this quick overview of how my process has developed over the last few years and what issues i’m interested in exploring in the medium. – N Excerpts from my work include: “Security“; “Show…


quilt of student stories

I was asked by Erick Gordon head of TC’s Student Press Initiative (SPI) to do a comic corresponding to the project they were doing in 5 schools with all English as a second language students. SPI works with schools and students to produce books of their own writing. This group of students came from all…